2019 – 2020 M.I.S.T. #2 Roster: Sparetime Recreation, Augusta, ME. 10-13-19

2019 – 2020 M.I.S.T. #2
Sparetime Recreation
Augusta, ME.
October 13, 2019

Official roster & information:

M.I.S.T. bowlers, we are rocking out the entries for the upcoming tournament on October 13th at Sparetime Recreation in Augusta, ME.!! Currently we sit at (65) entries, and the tournament is still over a week away! We have only (7) spots remaining before we go to a waiting list. Y’all are awesome! Donna Bowden, center manager, has let us have the ENTIRE bowling center until noontime, so that means we can fit up to (72) entries for the event, which would be (6) bowlers per pair. Thank you Donna! Let’s fill this baby up! All you have to do, and the ONLY WAY to reserve, is send an email to the following address: ajsoxpats2002@hotmail.com. Make sure you put your name in the body of the email and also say that you are reserving for the October tournament. I will send back a confirmation that you are either in, or have been added to the waiting list if we are full. If you don’t get a confirmation email, that means I didn’t get your entry, pretty simple.

Tournament time is 9:00 AM, and check-in will once again be 8:00 AM. Cost is $65 cash only, and if you are a youth bowler, make sure you (or a parent if you are under 18) fill out the USBC prize money waiver to bring with you so you can receive S.M.A.R.T. funds. There will be $5 brackets and a $10 high game pot (non-youth only), along with a raffle for a new high end Brunswick bowling ball, courtesy of Brunswick Bowling. We will also give away another bottle of Ultimate cleaner courtesy of Moore’s Pro Shop.

Lastly, don’t forget about our “non-reserve” list if you cancel / no-show within 24 hours of the tournament. We did not have to add anyone to that list this past month, so let’s keep it that way. That’s about it, see you on October 13th in Augusta! Here is the current roster:

Shayne MacFarlane
Josh Juarbe
Janessa Williams
Joe Kenney
Amanda Welch
Dave Wyman

John Croto
Dave Burke
Adam Christie
Roger Sorrells
Ronald Spencer
Troy Ballenger

Cory Stillings
Josh D’Alfonso
Storm DeVincent
Nate Boothby
Steve Hardy Jr.
Rico Meucci

Jimmy Clark
Mallory Nutting
Jamey Bissonette
Mike Desimone
Darryl Washington
Levi Gervais

Adam Jordan
Steve Dubuc
Jacob Dubuc
Derrick Bernosky
Justin Quinones
Ronnie Paquette

Joe Ramsdell III
James Davis
Tony Huff
Chris George
Conner Schmidt

Adam Michaud
Mike Klosin
Mariann Klosin
Scott Paniello
Jimmie Pritts Jr.

Christy Marquis
Randy Plummer
Brandon Plummer
Chad Dostie
Darryn Martin

Morgan DiPietro
Michael Thibeault
Charlie Mitchell
Joe Colcord
Zac Louten
Robert Rodriguez
Ricky Bernosky
Bryant Greenleaf
Brian Gaskill
Ben Furrow (youth)

Tony Fernandez
Terry Robinson
Justin Gagnon
Ken Sweet
Peter Fox

Tom Young
Bob Grasse
David Foster Jr
Michael Bruce
Paul Eastman

James Goulding III

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