2016-2017 M.I.S.T. Schedule & Flier

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The schedule is finally done for the 2016-2017 M.I.S.T.! Here is a link to the flier which contains all information needed for the M.I.S.T this season:



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M.I.S.T. #1 2016-2017 Official Roster

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Our (72) bowler field is now full for the M.I.S.T. being held on September 11 at Bayside Bowl in Portland, ME. We do have a waiting list for those who want to get in, and we will fill from that list as spots become available. To get on the waiting list, send an email with your name in the body of the email here: ajsoxpats2002@hotmail.com. You will get a confirmation from me that your email was received.
If you have reserved and have to cancel, please do so ASAP so we have time to fill your spot. This should be an exciting season opening event, here are the official rosters for each squad:
M.I.S.T. #1, 2016-2017

September 11, 2016

Bayside Bowl, Portland, ME.

8:30 AM:
Christy Marquis

Kirk Underwood

Brad Swanson

Timothy Schneider

Justin Rollins

James Ward

Avery Goulding (youth)

Mallory Nutting

Jimmy Clark

Christopher Goulette (youth)

Jason Berthiaume 

Mike Klosin

Marianne Klosin

Adam Michaud

Jay Mantere

Charlie Unthank

Jacob Brock

Aaron Zeisler

Shayne Macfarlane (youth)

Ken Sweet

Kenny Sweet

Christian Moro

Nathan Boothby (youth)

Tim Boothby

Josh Porter

John Bercier

Valerie Bercier

Ryan Peligro Swett

Benjamin Furrow (youth)

Nick Furrow

Joshua Michael Furrow

Tom Young

Chris Ogden

Bob Nile

Larry King

Eric Copping

11:30 AM:
Charlie Mitchell

Cory Lagner

Jason Ward 

Dean Lagner

Jackson Gettin 

Mike Cimba

Darryn Martin

Tim Frye

Andrew T. Story

Darren Forkey

Sean Steinmark

Brian Gaskill

Jason Sparks

Mike Desimone

Joshua D’Alfonso

Roger C. Blackmer

Tony Fernandez

Terry Robinson

Clayton Schwartz

John Bovoy

Joseph Colcord

Evan Browne

Shane Pearl

Brian Owoc

Sarah Pelletier

Jack Batchelder

Eric Frost

Scott Moore

Del Picard

Kate Gardner

Zac Louten

Stephen Hardy Jr. 

Ben Herbert

Aj Kitchen

Scott Madore

Joseph Ramsdell III

Waiting list:
Josh Corum

Darrin Borges

Nick D’Alfonso III 

Aaron J Thiboutot

Jason Hebert

Nathan Ruest Lajoie

Michael Macedo

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M.I.S.T. #1 2016-2016: 9/11/16, Bayside Bowl, Portland, ME.

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I don’t have the fliers ready yet, but our first tournament of the 2016-2017 season is booked and ready to go. We will kick off the season on September 11, 2016 at Bayside Bowl in Portland, ME. We will have (2) squads, 8:30 AM and 11:30 AM, the same as last year. We are asking local bowlers to sign up for the 8:30 AM squad if possible. Cost will stay the same this year at $60, and we will of course have optional $5 brackets and $10 side pots. Space is extremely limited, so please keep that in mind when you reserve.
To reserve a spot, please send an email, with your name in the body of the email, to the following address: ajsoxpats2002@hotmail.com. Please put which squad time you are reserving for in your email too, thank you! You will receive a confirmation email back with your reservation # on it. If you don’t get a confirmation back from me then you DO NOT have a spot reserved. Please do not comment on this post that you are going to bowl, that is NOT a reservation. I will be adhering to the email system exclusively, especially in the centers with limited space, no exceptions. You can walk in the day of the tournament, but if we are filled up, we will first be going by the waiting list, then by walk ins to fill any empty spots. 
I would like to thank Charlie Mitchell for having us back to kick off another exciting MIST season at Bayside Bowl. See you on September 11 everyone!! #growbowling #goscratchorgohome

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M.I.S.T. Matchplay Bracket Challenge II Final Standings

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The above link has the entire (64) player bracket complete with scores from each round. We would like to congratulate Brandon Dubuc once again for becoming the first ever youth bowler to win a M.I.S.T. title. He pocketed a M.I.S.T. record $2,000 in scholarship money. He defeated Valerie Calberry 600-550 in the final three game match. Congrats also to Valerie Calberry for finishing in 2nd place, taking home a nice $1,000 cash. Here are the final standings for everyone who cashed in the tournament:


1st – Brandon Dubuc – $2,000

2nd – Valerie Calberry – $1,000

3rd – Mark Mantere – $500

4th – Justin Quinones – $500

5th – Eric Copping – $250

6th – Mike Macedo – $250

7th – Dylan Davis – $250

8th – Emily Brigham – $250


Thank you to Brunswick Bowling for sponsoring the event with a raffle ball, and that ball was won by T.J. York. Also, thank you to Nelson Moody and his entire staff at Yankee Lanes for being such gracious hosts. We are already looking forward to our next match play tournament. Lastly, thank you to all of our bowlers who came out and competed on a brutal Kegel Sphinx oil pattern. Your support keeps scratch bowling alive and well in the great state of Maine. Have a great day everyone, and we will post the info for our next tournament as soon as it is available!

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M.I.S.T. Matchplay Bracket Challenge 2!

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Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 9:00 AM, Yankee Lanes, Brunswick, ME. Check in is at 8:00 AM. Cost is $100, cash only. This is a one day only tournament. There will be a live draft party the night before the tournament at Yankee Lanes on June 10, 2016, beginning at 6:00 PM.



It is recommended that you reserve a spot for the tournament. All reservations need to be emailed, and your name included in the body of the email. Emails need to be sent to the following: ajsoxpats2002@hotmail.com. You will receive a confirmation email containing your reservation number. The first (64) people to reserve will be guaranteed a spot in the tournament. If you need to cancel, PLEASE give a (24) hour notice, so someone on the waiting list can be contacted to take your spot. Reservations are considered valid until (5) minutes before the start of the tournament, or 8:55 AM, Saturday, June 11, 2016. If there are any open spots the day of the event, we will take names from the reservation list on a first come, first serve basis.



The M.I.S.T. Matchplay Bracket Challenge II will bowl (6) rounds of head to head matchplay. There will be (64) competitors in the field, with the top (8) qualifying for cash prizes. A top prize of $2,000 will be awarded if all (64) spots are filled at the start of the tournament, prizes will be adjusted is less than (64) bowlers compete. There will be no more than (4) bowlers on each pair of lanes for the first two rounds, and (2) bowlers per pair the remaining (4) rounds. Bowlers in the first (2) rounds will receive (10) minutes of practice, on the pair of lanes each bowler is assigned to begin. Bowlers competing in the remaining rounds (16, 8, 4, 2) will receive (5) minutes of practice. The bowler with the highest pin fall total from the previous round determines starting order. Beginning with round three, starting order will be determined by the bowler with the highest total pin fall the previous round, and so on for each consecutive round. If the bowler chooses to go first, he/she will start on the left lane, throwing (1) frame, with the next bowler following by starting their game on the right lane throwing (2) frames. Each bowler will throw (2) consecutive frames for the remainder of the match, alternating play so that the bowler who began the match, will also be the one finishing the match last. This is a three game total pin fall tournament per round, so the bowler with the highest pin fall total will advance to the next round. If there is a tie, the bowlers will engage in a 9th and 10th frame total pin fall roll off with the highest seeded bowler determining starting order for the roll off. If there is a tie after the roll off, there will be a one ball, sudden death style roll off until a winner is determined. The higher seed determines lane and starting order for the one ball roll off. Bowlers are welcome to bowl practice games during later rounds on lanes not assigned to the tournament, but the cost of the practice games will not be covered by the M.I.S.T. Each bowler must pay for his or her own practice games. Cash prizes will be awarded at the completion of the tournament.



$100 entry fee, cash only. No credit cards or checks will be accepted. Bowlers also can pay in advance at the draft party on June 10th. There is also an optional raffle for a brand new Brunswick bowling ball offered to each competitor, but not required, at this event. Any and all side pot action will be cash only.



All USBC sanctioned amateur and professional bowlers are eligible to bowl in the M.I.S.T. If you are not USBC certified, you must pay for certification prior to bowling at the cost of $21 (or current USBC dues for the season). You can also choose to pay a $5 USBC participation fee only (if you’re not already sanctioned), but you will not be eligible for USBC awards. PBA members are allowed to bowl in the M.I.S.T., provided they have a valid USBC sanction. If you are under 18, you need to have a waiver signed by your legal guardian prior to bowling, no exceptions. The M.I.S.T. is a participant in the USBC “S.M.A.R.T.” program, and any cash prizes that youth bowlers earn will be deposited in a S.M.A.R.T. account for their use at a later date. All rules governing the use and distribution of S.M.A.R.T. account funds are covered in the USBC manual under the S.M.A.R.T. section, and the M.I.S.T. abides by the rules and guidelines set forth in the USBC manual regarding the S.M.A.R.T. program; The M.I.S.T. is a cash prize only tournament, with the exception of S.M.A.R.T. funds. No youth bowler wishing to keep eligibility status will be allowed to participate in brackets or side pot action. The M.I.S.T. also does not allow for a person to submit another bowlers name into brackets or side pot action, if a bowler wants to participate they need to put themselves in, period, no exceptions!



Collared shirts or collarless “mock” style bowling shirts are recommended attire at all M.I.S.T. events. T-shirts may also be worn provided they are neat, clean, not ripped, and contain no profanity or offensive material. Sweatshirts and sleeveless shirts are not allowed. Neat, clean, jeans, corduroys, or dress slacks are also required. Shorts may be worn, provided they are of a dress (or clean jean) type material. No cut-offs, sweat pant, or cut off spandex type material is acceptable for shorts. Capri pants for women are allowed; Sweat pants are not allowed. Hats may be worn provided they are neat, clean and not ripped and contain no profanity or offensive material. A bowler will be asked to change any clothes that do not comply with the dress code. A failure to do so will result in disqualification from this tournament.



We will be using a one lane courtesy rule for this tournament. If you wish to have more than a one lane courtesy, it is your choice, but not required by tournament rule. But, if you are slowing down tournament play by wanting more than one lane courtesy, you will receive one warning only by the tournament director before being asked to leave the tournament. We will not tolerate slow play, and if it becomes an issue, it will be dealt with swiftly by tournament management. Rude, obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated. Bowlers will receive one warning from the tournament director, after which time you will be asked to leave the tournament immediately if you do not comply. Any cash prizes over $600 a bowler has won in the last calendar year need to be reported to the tournament director prior to the start of bowling. All bowlers need to be USBC certified in good standing to bowl in the M.I.S.T. All other general tournament rules are covered in the tournament section of the USBC manual. All decisions by the tournament director are final; appeals must be submitted in writing within 24 hours of the completion of the tournament. Cash prizes will be awarded the same day as the tournament. Here are the projected payouts based on a full (64) player field:

1st – $2,000
2nd – $1,000

3rd & 4th – $500 each

5th thru 8th – $250 each



The M.I.S.T. Matchplay Bracket Challenge is not a sport sanctioned event, so the use of sport certified lane conditions does not specifically apply. The M.I.S.T. will be bowling on lane conditions similar to a sport condition. The lane condition will be determined by tournament management, in advance of the tournament, and a graph will be available for all the bowlers to see at the event. Honor scores shot will be subject to any and all inspections required by the USBC.



All bowling balls used for competition in the M.I.S.T. must be on the USBC acceptable equipment list. A bowler caught using a ball that is not USBC approved will have that piece of equipment removed from play immediately. During competition, bowlers may apply bowling ball cleaners and polishes by hand in the bowling area only; they cannot be applied outside of the bowling area (i.e. in the pro shop, locker room or equipment paddock) or with the use of a ball spinner. Cleaners and polishes used during competition must contain no solids or abrasives and must found (and properly labeled) on the USBC list of acceptable Commercial Ball Cleaners/Polishes. Abrasive pads, such as sandpaper, Abralon, Abranet, SIAAIR, Scotch Brite, etc., may only be used before competition, up to the end of the practice session for the first round of the tournament only. No surface changes will be allowed between rounds. Any alterations made using these materials must be made to the entire surface of the bowling ball. Any attempt to use abrasive products during competition will be an automatic disqualification from the tournament. Any questions, please feel free to ask the tournament manager before using a product.

Brunswick Bowling returns as Premier M.I.S.T. sponsor!

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The Maine Invitational Scratch Tournament (M.I.S.T.) would like to welcome back Brunswick Bowling as a premier sponsor for the 2016 – 2017 season! The partnership between the M.I.S.T. and Brunswick goes back many years, and we hope to have them on board for many years to come. Their commitment to grass roots scratch bowling is second to none. The M.I.S.T. paid out over $20,000 in prize money last season, and we look to build on that success as we head into another exciting season of scratch tournament action.

Brunswick has been an industry leader for decades and with innovative advancements like their composite cover stock technology, they set the standard for the future of the industry. Check out all the latest products from the Brunswick / DV8 / Radical brands at the following websites:


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M.I.S.T. “Master of the Lanes, presented by Bayside Bowl”, May 15, 12:00 PM

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M.I.S.T. Bowlers and Fans,


Once again we have reached the time of year where we will crown the M.I.S.T. champion who will represent our tournament series in the 2017 USBC Masters. The 2016 M.I.S.T. “Master of the Lanes, presented by Bayside Bowl” will take place on May 15, 2016 at Bayside Bowl in Portland, ME. at 12:00 PM. Thank you to Charlie Mitchell from Bayside Bowl for allowing us to once again hold this event at this gorgeous facility, and for stepping up as the official sponsor. This tournament is exclusively for the top (10) bowlers on the season ending M.I.S.T. Bowler of the Year points list. If any of our top (10) bowlers can not make it, we will go to our 1st alternate or 2nd alternate to fill their spot, who were the 11th and 12th spots on the points list. There is NO COST to our bowlers, who will be competing for (1) prize, a paid entry into the 2017 USBC Masters Tournament. It will be the same format as last year, a best 2 out of 3 head to head match play event, where we will determine our champion through (4) rounds of matches. We want as many people there as possible, cheering on our bowlers as they try to become a M.I.S.T. Master of the Lanes Champion. We had over 130 different bowlers compete in the M.I.S.T. this past season, so let’s get a raucous environment for our bowlers to compete in. I KNOW that the bowlers and fans at Bayside can bring the noise, let’s have some serious crowd excitement for this event! It is FREE to attend, so let’s show some support for these great competitors! Here are the (10) bowlers who qualified for the tournament:


  1. Joe Ramsdell III, 2016 M.I.S.T. Bowler of the Year
  2. Terry Robinson
  3. Joe Colcord
  4. Mike Klosin
  5. Adam Michaud
  6. Valerie Calberry
  7. Nathan Lajoie
  8. Bob Nile
  9. Tony Fernandez
  10. Cory Lagner



*1st alternate – Mallory Nutting

*2nd alternate – Jimmy Clark


The top (6) bowlers receive a bye in the first round of the tournament. Bowlers 7-10 will face off head to head, with the matches going 7 vs. 10 and 8 vs. 9. Here are the first round match ups:


10. Cory Lagner vs. 7. Nathan Lajoie

9. Tony Fernandez vs. 8. Bob Nile


At the completion of the first round, the remaining (8) bowlers will compete head to head in our quarter final match ups to determine the final (4) that will advance to the semi-final round. The match ups will be determined by seeding, with the lowest seed remaining facing the highest seeded player. Here are the projected match ups for the quarter final round:


(Lowest Seed) vs. 1. Joe Ramsdell III

(2nd Lowest Seed) vs. 2. Terry Robinson

6. Valerie Calberry vs. 3. Joe Colcord

5. Adam Michaud vs. 4. Mike Klosin


At this point, we will be down to the final (4) bowlers competing in the semi-finals. The winners of those matches will face off, head to head, to determine the 2016 M.I.S.T. “Master of the Lanes, presented by Bayside Bowl” Champion. Thank you to each and every bowler who competed this season, and a special thanks to those who made our top (10) to earn a spot for this prestigious event. I know whoever wins will represent the M.I.S.T. well, and it would be a dream come true to bring the USBC Masters title to one of our own. See you all on the 15th of May at Bayside Bowl in Portland, ME., let’s have a great event!

M.I.S.T. #7 Final, March 6, 2016 @ Yankee Lanes, Brunswick, ME.

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This is the video of the championship match of the Maine Invitational Scratch Tournament held on March 6, 2016 at Yankee Lanes in Brunswick, ME. Joe Ramsdell III defeated Tyler Coplan 196 – 176 to capture his 5th title of the season in the season ending event. There were (49) entries and (12) cash qualifiers, oil pattern used was WTBA “Melbourne”. Enjoy!

2015 – 2016 M.I.S.T. Bowler of the Year Standings

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2015 – 2016 M.I.S.T. Bowler of the Year Standings


This is the final M.I.S.T. Bowler of the Year points standings for the 2015 – 2016 season. It has been another incredible year, where we had our second best season on record, averaging (53) bowlers per month. Thank you to each and every one of you who came out to compete on what I think are the toughest conditions month to month for any scratch tournament in the Northeast. Your commitment to lacing up on these harder patterns challenges me to find new and interesting ways to create interesting and competitive oil patterns to use each month. Our 2015 – 2016 Bowler of the Year is Joe Ramsdell III, who won his unprecedented 4th title of the season in our season ending tournament on March 6, 2016 at Yankee Lanes in Brunswick, ME. Congrats on another amazing season Joe! Also, our top 10 in Bowler of the Year points this season qualify for the Master of the Lanes tournament, where the winner will earn a spot in the 2017 USBC Masters tournament. I will have the date and time for that event soon, but I do know it will be held at Bayside Bowl in Portland, ME. Without further delay, here are the final points standings for the 2015 – 2016 M.I.S.T. season:

1. Joe Ramsdell III – 1950
2. Terry Robinson – 1290
3. Joe Colcord – 1035
4. Mike Klosin – 745
5. Adam Michaud – 730
6. Valerie Calberry – 715
7. Nathan Lajoie – 470
8.. Bob Nile – 460
9. Tony Fernandez – 450
10. Cory Lagner – 420
—————————— (Master of the Lanes Qualifiers)
11. Mallory Nutting – 400
12. Jimmy Clark – 375
13. Jason Ward – 365
14. Nick Furrow – 360
15. Aaron Thiboutot – 355
16. Scott Moore – 340
17. Tyler Coplan – 250
t-18. Charlie Mitchell – 220
t-18. Justin Rollins – 220
20. Jason Sparks – 205
21. John Archer – 195
22. Sean Steinmark – 170
23. Shawn Grasse – 160
t-24. Jeremy Allen – 150
t-24. John Bercier – 150
t-24. Sarah Pelletier – 150
27. Brian Gaskill – 145
28. Darryn Martin – 140
t-29. Roger Blackmer – 135
t-29. T.J. York – 135
t-31. Mike Desimone – 110
t-31. Chris George – 110
t-31. Jackson Getting – 110
t-31. James Ward – 110
t-35. Ron Kuusk – 100
t-35. Scott Madore – 100
t-35. Josh Porter – 100
38. Steve Babb – 95
t-39. Dean Lagner – 90
t-39. Christian Moro – 90
t-41. Bethany Nappi – 80
t-41. Darryl Washington – 80
43. Steve Hardy Jr. – 75
44. Curtis Harris – 65
45. Andy Park – 60
46. Al Snyder – 45
47. Chris Godwin – 35
48. Chris Goulette – 30 (youth)
t-49. Ben Furrow – 25 (youth)
t-49. Avery Goulding – 25 (youth)
t-49. Mariann Klosin – 25
t-49. Shane Pearl – 25
t-53. Jeff Cole – 20
t-53. Josh Dalfonso – 20
t-53. Nick Dalfonso III – 20
t-53. Loring Deagazio – 20
t-53. Charles Simpson – 20
t-58. Adam Jordan – 15
t-58. Joe Kenney – 15
t-58. A.J. Kitchen – 15
t-58. Zac Louten – 15
t-58. Jason Mansir – 15
t-58. Brian Owoc – 15
t-58. Jeremy Wallace – 15
t-58. Tom Young – 15
t-66. Justin Barr – 10
t-66. Nate Boothby – 10 (youth)
t-66. Tim Boothby – 10
t-66. Roman Cook – 10
t-66. Kevin Dube – 10
t-66. Eric Frost – 10
t-66. Josh Furrow – 10
t-66. Cindy Grasse – 10
t-66. Ben Herbert – 10
t-66. Rob Howard – 10
t-66. Tony Huff – 10
t-66. Jay Joslyn – 10
t-66. Shayne MacFarlane – 10 (youth)
t-66. Wayne Napples – 10
t-66. Chris Ogden – 10
t-66. Scott Panniello – 10
t-66. Nick Pulsifer – 10
t-66. Clayton Schwartz – 10
t-66. Ryan Swett – 10
t-66. Mike Thibault – 10
t-66. Michael Thibeault – 10
t-87. Kyle Benson – 5
t-87. Jason Berthiaume – 5
t-87. Darrin Borges – 5
t-87. John Bovoy – 5
t-87. Ned Boxer – 5
t-87. Rick Campbell – 5
t-87. Jim Cole – 5
t-87. Miles Coplan – 5
t-87. Josh Corum – 5
t-87. Matt Davis – 5
t-87. Jack Eisentrager – 5
t-87. Bob Farr – 5
t-87. Brad Fitch – 5
t-87. Ryan Gary – 5
t-87. James Goulding III – 5
t-87. Josh Greenlaw – 5
t-87. Renee McCaslin – 5
t-87. Mike Macedo – 5
t-87. Christy Marquis – 5
t-87. Art Meether – 5
t-87. Jim Morin – 5
t-87. Dave Perry – 5
t-87. Becka Reynolds – 5 (youth)
t-87. Tim Schneider – 5
t-87. Jimmy Sicard – 5
t-87. Brad Swanson – 5
t-87. Kenny Sweet – 5
t-87. Parker Thibault – 5 (youth)
t-87. Anthoney White – 5
t-87. Aaron Ziesler – 5



Our top 10 bowlers on this list have qualified for our M.I.S.T. Master of the Lanes tournament, where the winner will receive a paid entry into the 2017 USBC Masters tournament! I will have the date and time for that event posted soon, but I do know that it will be at Bayside Bowl in Portland, ME. Thank you all once again, and I hope to continue this success into next season any beyond. It’s up to you, the scratch bowlers of northern New England, to keep competitive tournament bowling alive and well in the state of Maine. Have a great summer everyone!

M.I.S.T. #7, 2015-2016 Season: March 6, 2016, Yankee Lanes, Brunswick, ME.

March 8th, 2016 Comments off

M.I.S.T. #7 2015-2016
Yankee Lanes
Brunswick, ME.
March 6, 2016
This is the recap of the M.I.S.T. held on March 6, 2016 at Yankee Lanes in Brunswick, ME. This was the last points tournament of the 2015-2016 season, which has been our second best season on record! We averaged (53) entries per month, and I would like to thank each and every bowler who competed this season. It is because of YOU that scratch bowling in northern New England is thriving. I would also like to thank our sponsors this season: Brunswick Bowling, Moore’s Pro Shop, Bowl Pro Sales, Maine Clockworks, Bowlingchat.net. Without our sponsors we wouldn’t have bigger prize funds and great products to win each and every month, so please make sure you utilize the fantastic products and services each of them provide. This month’s bowling ball winner was Chris George, who amazingly enough won the Knockout bowling ball cleaner too! Way to go Chris! We bowled on a new pattern, the WTBA ‘Melbourne” oil pattern, which was a very low ratio, 37ft. monster. There were (49) entries, which meant we would take (12) qualifiers into the eliminator round. Here are the results of qualifying:


Joe Ramsdell III – 844
Tyler Coplan – 777
Justin Rollins – 751
Brian Gaskill – 749
Scott Madore – 740
Joe Colcord – 730
Christian Moro – 722
Cory Lagner – 712
Jackson Getting – 710
Adam Michaud – 700
John Archer – 692
Terry Robinson – 689
———————— (cut line)
Dean Lagner – 686
Jason Ward – 684
John Bercier – 683
Steve Babb – 676
Jason Sparks – 675
Mallory Nutting – 674
Charlie Mitchell – 670
Bob Nile – 670
Jimmy Clark – 664
Darryn Martin – 663
Valerie Calberry – 659
Chris George – 653
Michael Thibeault – 652
Josh Dalfonso – 647
Dave Perry – 640
Nick Dalfonso III – 638
Charles Simpson – 637
Nick Furrow – 629
Nick Pulsifer – 622
A.J. Kitchen – 621
Tony Fernandez – 616
Zac Louten – 599
Mike Desimone – 593
Shawn Grasse – 587
Chris Godwin – 577
Al Snyder – 575
Jason Berthiaume – 567
Chris Ogden – 567
Cindy Grasse – 545
Ned Boxer – 530
Kyle Benson – 521
Josh Furrow – 521
Chris Goulette – 520 (youth)
Ben Furrow – 510 (youth)
Shayne Macfarlane – 500 (youth)
Avery Goulding – 449 (youth)
Aaron Thiboutot – 168 (injury)


The first eliminator round features each bowlers (4) game average, which gets added to the eliminator game for a (2) game total pin fall. The top six advanced to the second eliminator round. Here are the results of the first round:


Tyler Coplan – 444
Cory Lagner – 398
Joe Colcord – 393
Joe Ramsdell III – 392
Terry Robinson – 385
Brian Gaskill – 362
———————– (cut line)
7. Adam Michaud – 353 / $110 / 130
8. Justin Rollins – 348 / $100 / 120
9. Jackson Getting – 326 / $90 / 110
10. Scott Madore – 317 / $85 / 100
11. Christian Moro – 313 / $80 / 90
12. John Archer – 310 / $75 / 85


The second eliminator round adds another game to each bowlers two game total, for a three game total pin fall. The top (4) from this round made up the step ladder finals. Here is the result of that round:


Tyler Coplan – 634
Joe Colcord – 625
Joe Ramsdell III – 624
Terry Robinson – 621
——————– (cut line)
5. Cory Lagner – 584 / $160 / 150
6. Brian Gaskill – 531 / $140 / 140


Our quarter final match featured two familiar faxes, with (3) Bowler of the Year titles between them, Terry Robinson and Joe Ramsdell III. Would Ramsdell III continue his dominance in step ladder matches, or would the wily veteran Robinson pull out a victory? Here is the result of that match:


Joe Ramsdell III – 205
Terry Robinson – 184

4. Terry Robinson – $210 / 200


In what would turn out to be the highest scoring match of the step ladder finals, Joe Ramsdell III outlasted Terry Robinson to advance to the semi finals, where he would face another two time Bowler of the Year, Joe Colcord. Here is the result of the match that would send one of these bowlers to the finals:


Joe Colcord – 141
Joe Ramsdell III – 174

3. Joe Colcord – $290 / 225


Joe Ramsdell III continued to mow through the mine field as he defeated Joe Colcord in his quest to win an unprecedented 4th title of the season. He would face a tough test in tournament leader Tyler Coplan, as he bowled well all day and practically owns stock at Yankee Lanes as he has owned this facility in the past, including a victory in last years Match Play Championship. Here is the result of the final match:


Tyler Coplan – 176
Joe Ramsdell III – 196

2. Tyler Coplan – $360 / 250
1. Joe Ramsdell III – $480 / 300


Joe Ramsdell III capped off an unbelievable season with his 4th title of the year, a M.I.S.T. record. He rewrote the record books all year long, and finished it off in style. Tyler was a worthy opponent and threw the ball great all day, but he couldn’t solve the puzzle that was Joe Ramsdell III. Congrats Joe on a nice win and an amazing run this season as our 2015-2016 Bowler of the Year! Here are the final standings from the M.I.S.T. held on March 6, 2016 at Yankee Lanes in Brunswick, ME. with the Bowler of the Year points earned next to each bowler:


Joe Ramsdell III – 300
Tyler Coplan – 250
Joe Colcord – 225
Terry Robinson – 200
Cory Lagner – 150
Brian Gaskill – 140
Adam Michaud – 130
Justin Rollins – 120
Jackson Getting – 110
Scott Madore – 100
Christian Moro – 90
John Archer – 85
Dean Lagner – 5
Jason Ward – 5
John Bercier – 5
Steve Babb – 5
Jason Sparks – 5
Mallory Nutting – 5
Charlie Mitchell – 5
Bob Nile – 5
Jimmy Clark – 5
Darryn Martin – 5
Valerie Calberry – 5
Chris George – 5
Michael Thibeault – 5
Josh Dalfonso – 5
Dave Perry – 5
Nick Dalfonso III – 5
Charles Simpson – 5
Nick Furrow – 5
Nick Pulsifer – 5
A.J. Kitchen – 5
Tony Fernandez – 5
Zac Louten – 5
Mike Desimone – 5
Shawn Grasse – 5
Chris Godwin – 5
Al Snyder – 5
Jason Berthiaume – 5
Chris Ogden – 5
Cindy Grasse – 5
Ned Boxer – 5
Kyle Benson – 5
Josh Furrow – 5
Chris Goulette – 5 (youth)
Ben Furrow – 5 (youth)
Shayne Macfarlane – 5 (youth)
Avery Goulding – 5 (youth)
Aaron Thiboutot – 5 (injury)


I will have a season ending Bowler of the Year points list updated on a separate report. Our top 10 bowlers on that list will qualify for our M.I.S.T. Master of the Lanes tournament, where the winner will receive a paid entry into the 2017 USBC Masters tournament! I will have the date and time for that event posted soon, but I do know that it will be at Bayside Bowl in Portland, ME. Thank you all once again, and I hope to continue this success into next season any beyond. It’s up to you, the scratch bowlers of northern New England, to keep competitive tournament bowling alive and well in the state of Maine. Have a great summer everyone!